Glacier Peak F28RKS Mid-Profile


Full Feature Dry Weight - Lbs. 10050
Exterior Length (approx. Pinbox to back of ladder) 34'8"
Fresh Water Capacity (approx. gal) 80
Water Heater Capacity (approx. gal) 10
Good Year Tire Size (Load Range) ST235
Heavy Duty 10 Ply E, 14 Ply G 80/16E
Heavy Duty Lug Axles (lbs) 6000(2)
Climate Designed Furnace 35K
Exterior Height 12'10" w/AC
Bedroom Interior Height 6'7"
LPG Capacity (approx. pounds) 60
Grey Water Tank (approx. gallons) 40/40
Black Water Tank (approx. gallons) 50
Net Carrying Capacity 2945
Dry Hitch Weight (approx. Lbs.) 2280
Maximum Trailer Weight - Lbs. 12995