About Outdoors RV

Wallowa Lake, Oregon

Outdoors RV Manufacturing was born in 2009 with the vision of owners Ron and Sherry Nash.
Our company focus is to design and build recreational vehicles for the customers who desire
to enjoy the Outdoors, no matter the terrain or weather. We call it “Mountain Tough Four Seasons Camping.”


Just like the picturesque mountain valley where our factory is located, the RV adventurer of the
Western United States and Western Canada will find beautiful pristine alpine lakes, rugged snow capped
mountains, lush rain forests, beautiful desert landscapes, and incredible ocean views to explore.
We here at Outdoors RV are proud RV owners and love the Outdoor lifestyle. In our many adventures
we have had customers tell us that they wished a manufacturer would build an RV
that was designed for our backyard versus the industry standard that is designed
for the pavement and the 3 summer months.


Outdoors RV answers the call in designing three different series of RV’s, two based on how you camp
(BackCountry Series & Mountain Series) & one being the premium trim package (Titanium Series).


Please view our website further to see which Series fits you and your family for all of your Outdoor adventures!
Our goal is not to be the largest RV manufacturer in the country nor follow market share graphs.
We simply want to design and build great RV’s for you to explore what nature offers all of
us year round here on the West Coast and Western Canada!


Let your Outdoor Adventures Begin!

For dealer and customer inquiries please call us at the production facility at 541.624.5500 or directly at the following:

Regional Sales & Training (Western Canada & United States):    Talen Jayo – (208)871-6158
Regional Sales (United States):                                                            Troy Johnson – (208)739-3735
Regional Sales (United States):                                                            Shane Hubble – (541)910-5957
Inside Sales / Factory Tours / Social Media:                                      Kevin Pfeifer – (503)621-8465

The Team

Darin Nelson

Darin Nelson

Head of the Outdoors Sales Crew

-Visiting my sister in Sitka, Alaska (Incredible Scenery)


-Enjoy hiking, hunting, exploring in the back country


-I love voluteering Outdoors and supporting conservation organizations like Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Sitka Conservation Society & the Nature Conservancy

Talen Jayo

Talen Jayo

Northern Territories Sales Rep – Canada and Alaska

-Photo from one of my many adventures into the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Oregon – Aneroid Lake


-Grew up in the mountains of Oregon – Love Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, and Roaming the mountains with my father.



“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” – Barry Finlay

Troy Johnson

Troy Johnson

Product Markets Supervisor

-Hiking above yearly family reunion campsite with my family


-Believes the best family activity is CAMPING!!!


-Enjoys camping, hunting and being out fished by my kids (not my wife)!!!

Shane Hubble

Shane Hubble

Regional Sales


-The mountains are my playground. I grew up in the mountains of Eastern Oregon, where I truly feel at home.


-My beautiful wife and our kids are my life. We love spending time outdoors as much as possible. Oh and watching lots of sports!


-I believe in living life to the fullest “Win The Day”!

Kevin Pfeifer

Kevin Pfeifer

Sales Support & Social Media Guru

-I like to ski, snowboard, mountain bike and squeeze work in during my off-time.


-I am an Eagle Scout, so it should come as no surprise that I call the outdoors home!


-I’m newly married and I look forward to serving God and my community wherever I go.

Jamie Baker

Jamie Baker

Chief Picture Draw-er
(My team draws the plans to build the trailers)


-Favorite food: Pizza!……or just about anything?…lol.


-Favorite activities include riding quads, shooting, hunting, fishing and camping.


-Spare time hobbies: Guns, Collecting Hot Wheels and Internet shopping


Outdoors RV Manufacturing
PO Box 1047 | 62582 Pierce Road

La Grande, OR, 97850

(541) 624-5500