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Outdoors RV Wallowa Lake
2016 Summer Campout

We are very fortunate to have this pristine high-mountain glacier lake just over an hour away from La Grande, Oregon where we produce all of the Outdoors RV products. Many of us here at Outdoors RV are active users of our products, using them as part of our active Outdoor lifestyle throughout the year. To have the opportunity to camp side by side with many of our Outdoors RV customers for this 3 day weekend was priceless. Whether we were relaxing next to the lake, mountain biking next to the Wallowa River, or sitting around the campfire, we were all able to discuss ideas of how to enhance the RV lifestyle along with sharing many of our fun camping adventure stories.
Here at Outdoors RV we call this Campground Talk, or research and development as it is known in the business world


Campground Talk at this year’s event included the following Outdoors RV Team Members:

  • Director of Manufacturing
  • Production Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Product Development Manager
  • 4 Outdoors RV Regional Sales Managers
  • Service and Warranty Staff


A big thank you to the Park at the River Campground for hosting the ORV Campout and our local dealer Thompson RV for hosting a S’mores night!

From the over 250 families working here at Outdoors RV we want to again say thank you – we would not be the company we are today without customers like you!

If you have any questions on this year’s event please feel free to email adventures@outdoorsrvmfg.com